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About master

Feride Usmanova was born in 1998 in the city of Bakhchisarai, Crimea, where she currently lives.

As a child, Feride dreamed of becoming a surgeon, was curious and loved to draw, especially cats. But the girl had no plans to connect her life with creative work.

Parents instilled in her a love for art: the family attended art exhibitions by which Feride remained impressed for a long time.

For some time, she studied in a graphic studio, where she discovered graphic techniques, mixed techniques. And most of all, in this style, Ferida liked to depict the streets of her native Bakhchisarai. After finishing the 9th grade at school, she entered Economics and Humanities College in Yalta, where she studied for two years specializing in painting.

In 2016 Feride got enrolled to two faculties of Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University at the same time: journalism and decorative-applied arts. And this time, Feride chose the path of creativity. After graduating from university with honors in 2020, she started doing a Master’s degree, which she is currently doing.

According to the artist herself, she began working at a professional level after entering university. Trying different techniques on different materials, the artist enjoys immersing herself in the process.

Feride developed an interest in the Crimean Tatar ornament thanks to her grandmother - Venera Ablayeva, who is a craftswoman of Crimean Tatar national gold thread embroidery. Studying the Crimean Tatar ornament, the artist decided to show by her own example that it is relevant and looks great on any household items and clothes.

Feride Usmanova shares her impressions of the art of Crimean Tatars: “Our ornament is so multifaceted, rich, and most importantly, it has a deep, centuries-old meaning. If you study the ornament of Crimean Tatars, you can tell the story of one’s family without words, only by using certain elements."

In addition to ornamentation, the craftswoman works in the calligraphy technique, which she learns herself, by trial and error. Calligraphy is represented in interior paintings.

The artist works with children, she likes to teach, and she is planning to open her own art studio. The master dreams of making as many people as possible happy through the prism of creativity and art.

In 2018 Feride participated in a youth exhibition in the city of Yalta and in the exhibition “Women of Crimea. Blooming almonds".

In 2019 there was Feride Usmanova’s first personal exhibition “Women of Crimea. 5 Years Together ", and in 2020 – the second personal exhibition" Golden ratio".

In 2021 the artist participated in an exhibition at the branch of Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical College and in the republican competition “Cuban story in the life of Yuri Gagarin”. In Simferopol, in the Union of Artists, there was a youth exhibition held, where Feride’s works were also presented.

Feride speaks about the Motherland with love: “Crimea is a beautiful land, a unique place. Everyone who finds themselves in Crimea at least once falls in love with it and does not want to leave. This is our beautiful Motherland, the place where our roots are. I am proud of this and believe that no matter what, we must never forget that this is our land. And the Crimean Tatar culture, way of life, traditions and language are our wings. And the more we study, revive and discover, the stronger our wings are, the higher we can fly. I really want our people to be happy, numerous, I want to hear my native language from everywhere. It makes me happier."

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