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About artist

Leyla Ametova is an artist, illustrator.

She was born in Uzbekistan, and in 1995 her family returned to Crimea, Simferopol. Since her early childhood, Leyla has been fond of drawing. As a child, she made up her own stories and illustrated them.

In 2011 she graduated from the Faculty of Arts with a degree in fine arts and decorative-applied arts (graphic design) at Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University. During her studies, she took an active part in regional exhibitions and the ones outside the peninsula. After university, there was a long period when the artist did not touch paints and brushes or just used them occasionally. And only a few years later, she got her second wind. Leyla again took up painting, graphics. Quite recently, she began to study digital illustration and animation.

Since 2017, she has been a regular participant in republican and international exhibitions. Among the significant ones are:

  • International exhibition of the Russian project in the field of contemporary art "Russian Art Park" (Cuba, Havana), 2018.
  • Exhibition in Simferopol House of Artists dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Deportation Victims "Frozen tragedy" (Simferopol), 2018.
  • Exhibition in Bakhchisarai Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Deportation Victims "Frozen Tragedy" (Bakhchisarai), 2018.
  • Painting exhibition dedicated to the opening of Gallery 10 (shopping and entertainment center "Centrum", Simferopol), 2019.
  • VI republican art exhibition of contemporary Crimean artists "February windows" (Simferopol), 2020.
  • Contemporary Art Fair "Simf Art Fair - 2020".
  • (shopping and entertainment center "Centrum", Simferopol), 2020.
  • OPEN CALL for artists and reaching the final, publication in the online magazine "Art Muse", 2020.

Leyla Ametova shares her thoughts on her creative work: “In my works, I use different techniques, sometimes I add something of my own.

Most of the time, I try to put across an idea, a message. Sketches and drafts help to do it, and sometimes and even more often than not, a picture is born in the process itself. In general, it is important for a picture or illustration to catch the viewer, awaken something in them."

The artist says about her love for the Motherland: “Crimea, like the culture of my people, is an integral part of me. This is what surrounds me, fills and inspires me. This is what I strive for and what I plan to talk about in my works. I did not immediately start touching on the topic of Crimean Tatar culture in my paintings, I wanted to mature for this in order to show it with dignity. Now there are many ideas and a desire to create in this direction. After all, Crimean Tatar culture is so rich and multifaceted. I want to make people know about it as much as possible, about it and about the people themselves. "

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