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About cermasit

Gulnara Shereflioglu was born in the city of Angren, Tashkent region, Uzbekistan, in 1964. Currently, she lives in Ankara, Turkey.

As a child, she loved to dance, paint and studied at a music school.

In 1987 Gulnara Shereflioglu graduated from Tashkent Regional State Pedagogical Institute. In 1990 she returned to Crimea, lived in Simferopol. From 1992 to 2002, she worked in the Crimean Tatar newspaper "Avdet", then in the editorial office of the all-Ukrainian agrarian magazine "Niva".

In 2014 she moved to Turkey, taught Russian to adults in language schools.

Gulnara Shereflioglu got interested in ceramic painting by accident. At the New Year's fair, she came upon an advertising booklet with an invitation to visit the workshop of traditional Turkish painting "çini" (chini). This art fascinated Gulnara Shereflioglu, and she stayed for training.

The artist shares her impressions: “I was lucky with the mentors, and I quickly mastered the painting technique. It turned out that I have the drawing and calligraphy skills necessary for this craft."

In Alanya (Turkey, 2017-2019), the artist participated in city fairs and exhibitions with the creative studio "Sırdaki çiçekler". Gulnara Shereflioglu dreams of opening her own studio and acquainting residents and guests of Turkey with Crimean Tatar patterns and ornaments, which are used in painting dishes and panels. Currently, she does paintings on commission.

Since 2020, the artist has been practicing watercolor painting. She plans to develop in this direction further.

Gulnara Shereflioglu says about the culture of Crimean Tatars: “The Crimean Tatar culture and art are very rich and distinctive. I remember how in the 90s our art historians and artists revived carpet weaving, pottery, and ceramics. Bit by bit, they collected the samples that had survived after the deportation. Unfortunately, many compatriots do not attach much importance to traditional applied arts, even though not every nation has such a rich heritage. For me, it is a source of inspiration and harmony. I try to follow the exhibitions held in Crimea and Ukraine, I read about them in social networks on the Internet, I try to meet the artists I know when I come to Simferopol."

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