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About artist

Khatije Reshitova was born in Simferopol, in 1992.

Since early childhood, she loved to draw. In elementary school, she attended drawing classes and participated in various exhibitions. She loved to weave jewelry from beads.

During her school years, she studied drawing and painting from her uncle, famous Crimean Tatar artist Irfan Nafiev. The artist started to teach the schoolgirl the elements of drawing geometric shapes, plaster busts, simple still lifes, first with a pencil, then with watercolors. The artist's exhibition activities began in 2008. At the exhibitions, the artist also presented her oil paintings.

In 2015 she graduated from the faculty of decorative and applied arts of Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University.

The predominant theme of the canvases is Crimean nature, its features of the mountain landscape and motifs of coastal expanses.

The lyrical sensation of Khatije Reshitova’s works is achieved by the consonance of color shades.

“I am inspired by Crimean nature, girls in Crimean Tatar national costumes, oriental crockery, embroidery and ornament. I love interior design very much and immediately imagine what kind of picture or wall painting or stained-glass window will fit well into the interior,” says the artist about her work.

In addition to paintings, the master of fine arts is fond of handicrafts. The creation process is long and laborious. But every creative idea is realized with warmth and care. The artistic look helps to see the final result of the work at the very beginning of the process. The artist uses environmentally friendly materials for her work. Interior decorations and handmade toys by Khatije Reshitova are popular in Crimea.

Khatije Reshitova always dreamed of her workshop, and thanks to her husband, she got it. The artist's family is very supportive and inspiring. In the future, the artist plans to further unlock her potential and show uniqueness by creating an exposition.

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