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About artist

Eminegul Ziyatdinova is a Crimean Tatar artist.

She was born in the village of Palvantash, Uzbekistan, in 1978. Since early childhood, she has been fond of drawing.

In the early 90s, the family returned to Crimea. She spent her youth in Staryi Krym. But for the past 20 years, the artist has been living in Kyiv.

Eminegul Ziyadtinova completed a degree in Economics at Donetsk National University. But the craving for creative work won. For many years, the artist has been taking painting master classes and constantly improving her skills in the visual arts.

Most of all, Eminegul likes to paint in oils, but she experimented with acrylics and tried pastels. The artist works in different styles, techniques, directions. But there are basic ones which are realism, impressionism and abstractionism.

Eminegul Ziyatdinova has presented her paintings at more than 25 exhibitions around the world: in Italy, Luxembourg, Greece, Turkey. The canvases have also been exhibited in Kyiv: in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Embassy of Turkey and Latvia as well as at the art gallery "MITETS" and in the House of Artists in Kyiv.

Traveling, walking in the park or botanical garden, watching movies and having vivid dreams - this is what Eminegul draws inspiration from. Her favorite subjects are children, landscapes and animals.