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About master

Jemil Enverovich Karikov is a Crimean Tatar musician, folklorist and composer. Arranger of the national Crimean Tatar anthem for choir and symphony orchestra. Honored Artist of Ukraine (2015).

Jemil Karikov was born in the Uzbek city of Begovat on July 28, 1960. He graduated with honors from Sukhumi State Music School (folk instruments department) and later – from Tashkent State Conservatory (theoretical and compositional department).

He worked as the musical director of the ensemble "Haytarma" and chief conductor of the Crimean Tatar Drama Theater. He held the position of a music editor of DTRK "Crimea". In 2004 he initiated the creation of the traditional music ensemble "Maqam", thanks to the work of which a large number of almost forgotten folk songs were brought back from oblivion. Karikov contributed to the revival of a number of national musical instruments (saz, baglama, kaval, santir, kemenche, zurna, nai). For the first time in many years, Maqam performed music from the Khan's time. Jemil Karikov arranged the national Crimean Tatar anthem for choir and symphony orchestra. He taught at Simferopol Music School named after Tchaikovsky, worked at the state enterprise "Crimean House" in Kyiv.

He has repeatedly represented Crimean Tatar music art in Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Poland, and Russia. He has written music for the performances "Alim", "Evlenyuv", "Antikvar tyukyany", "Ainenni" (Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theater). He is a co-author of TV projects "Kadimiy chalgyy aletleri" ("Ancient musical instruments") and "Yyrla, syzym" on ATR TV channel. Composer of the first Crimean Tatar feature film "Haytarma".

In November 2015, Jemil Karikov was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Artist of Ukraine."

Collections of works for orchestras

  • "Crimean Tatar Piano Album" (1999)
  • "Miniatures for String Quartet" (2001)
  • "Kyrymnyn cel yyrlary" (2005) - together with Dilaver Osmanov
  • "Instrumental Music of the Khan's Period" (2007)
  • "Sailama vocal eserleri" (2009)
  • Ilyahiler (2009)
  • "Jazz Album for Piano" (2010)

Distinctions and awards

Honored Artist of Ukraine (November 16, 2015) - for significant personal contribution to the development of television, radio and communication in Ukraine, many years of hard work and high professionalism.


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