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About artist

Alim Useinov was born in Avdzhykoy, Bakhchisaray region of the Crimean ASSR, on June 20, 1941.

The future artist began to study drawing at the age of 10, and since then, he has not parted with a brush and an easel. In 1963 he graduated from Republican Art School named after Benkov in Tashkent. Since 1988, Alim Useinov has been a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR and the Union of Artists of Ukraine. He has been a participant of international and republican exhibitions. The Grand Prix winner of the International Biennale of chamber watercolors of Crimea (2003). The artist's works are kept in private collections in the USA, Poland, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyiv, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Returning from deportation to Crimea, Alim Useinov built a new house with his own hands, which became a house-workshop, where two artists now live - Alim Useinov and his wife, graphic artist Zarema Trasinova.

Alim Useinov has his special, incomparable, creative style. Each of his works is filled with deep philosophical meaning. His early paintings are distinguished by a peculiar manner of execution. Notably, all his works are dedicated to a person, whose main source of inspiration is life.

“I get to know the world. This all gives me art. The more I work, the more I learn, the more I feel that life is really beautiful,” the artist says about his work.

Another area of the artist's work is graphics. In 1990 Alim Useinov tried pencil and watercolor for the first time. The lightness and transparent tenderness of his works amaze with the sensitivity of the world perception. Alim Useinov is always looking for new solutions. Now his dream is to try himself in sculpture.

Alim Useinov is a happy person because he lives in Crimea, a place created for real talent.