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About master

Safie Abduramanova was born in the city of Uchkurgan, Namangan region (Uzbekistan) on December 23, 1977.

Love for creativity and embroidery was born in childhood, thanks to her grandmother, who taught Safie to sew, to embroider in cross-stitch and satin stitch.

Safie shares her childhood impressions: "The sewing machine of my grandmother, a native of Simeiz, was with a table, and when my grandmother opened its door, I plunged into a magic chest with many pieces of fabrics of various shades, different buttons and colorful ribbons. After that, my doll Natasha acquired new outfits".

In 1994 the family of the future craftswoman returned to Crimea and settled in Bakhchisarai, her grandfather’s hometown.

In 2007 she received a degree in History from Vernadsky Taurida National University.

During her studies and after graduation, the craftswoman worked as a teacher of cutting and sewing at a vocational school, was engaged in individual tailoring, and taught at school.

Currently, Safie Abduramanova works as a senior researcher at the Crimean Tatar Museum of Cultural and Historic Heritage, which is located in the former palace of the Crimean Khans. As a master, she specializes in Crimean Tatar embroidery and weaving.

"The opportunity to come into contact with ancient objects, examine them, study and touch them pushed me to comprehend the very technique of embroidery" - says the embroideress.

In 2015, Safie successfully completed the course of gold embroidery in the technique of "Myklama", where she was taught by master Zarema Mustafayeva. During the course, she also learned the technique of double-sided stitch - "Tatar ishleme", counted-thread embroidery - "esap ishleme", "telli" from Crimean Tatar embroidery master Elvira Osmanova.

"Knowledge of techniques helps a lot in my work since I study ancient exhibits more in depth, make detailed descriptions and compile scientific catalogs" - says Safie Abduramanova about her qualifications.

  • Abduramanova S.N. (1) - “Evjiyar. Linen, cotton, viscose, gold thread, brass, lace. Esap ishleme, telli"
  • Abduramanova S.N. (2) - “Gerdanlyk. Velvet, gold thread, garnet, beads, sequins. Myklama, seraser myklama, bukme"
  • Abduramanova S.N. (3) - "Duvalik. Velvet, silvered thread, moonstone, sequins. Myklama, bukme"
  • Abduramanova S.N. (4) - "Fez. Velvet, gold thread, sequins, gimp. Myklama, bukme"
  • Abduramanova S.N. (5) - "Panel "Cherepli chichek ". Velvet, gold thread, silvered thread, viscose, gimp, sequins, beads. Myklama, seraser myklama, bukme"
  • Abduramanova S.N. (6) - “Duvalyk, kupeler. Velvet, gold thread, silvered thread, viscose, beads, beads. Myklama"
  • the Fergana Regional Museum
  • the Directorate of Art Exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • the Simferopol Art Museum
  • the Sevastopol Art Museum
  • the Crimean Tatar Museum of Cultural and Historical Heritage, Simferopol
  • the Odessa Museum of Regional History
  • Alexander Rusanov’s private collection of modern art, Moscow
  • Tatiana Kolodzey’s private collection of modern art, Moscow – New York
  • Rustam Suleymanov’s collection of paintings, the Mardzhani Fund, Moscow – Yalta


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