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About artist

Fatime Ashirova was born in Pskent (Uzbekistan) in 1979. From the very childhood, she loved to draw.

In 1990 Fatime with her family returned to Crimea. During her school years, she painted portraits of writers, celebrities and relatives.

After leaving school, in 1995, she began working at a cannery. There was no opportunity to get an art education.

She got married in 2002. All this time, Fatime was passionate about art and tried to find time for painting.

In 2017 the artist began to engage in art again.

The main genres of Fatima Ashirova's paintings are landscapes and still lifes.

“I completed my first oil painting being inspired by Nuri Yakubov’s paintings. I had a lot of questions about the technique, the laws of painting, about mixing colors, and when I met Nuri aga, he answered all my questions with pleasure and gave me valuable advice,” the artist shares her memories.

“I like to combine the Crimean Tatar ornament with Arabic calligraphy because I believe that Islam has played an important role in the life and art of Crimean Tatars. I am also inspired by the nature of my native Crimea, and in my paintings I want to capture it realistically, so that the one contemplating them can come into contact with the beauty of my Motherland."