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About author

Mavile Mametova was born in the city of Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to a family of famous Crimean Tatar performers, Rustem Mametov and Gulizar Bekirova, on January 28, 1986.

In 1990 she and her family returned to Crimea. They settled in the village of Bulganak (Kolchugino), where Mavile Mametova spent her school years. During these years, she attended various creative clubs and participated in creative events.

In 2008 she graduated from the acting and directing course of Kyiv National University of Culture and Art (workshop of Petr Ilchenko).

Between 2009 and 2011, she worked as an actress at Kyiv independent theater "Open Look".

Later, having come to Crimea, she continued her professional work at the agency "Crimean News" (QHA) within the program "Kyrymdan Yansylar" ("Reflection of Crimea"), prepared for the Turkish TV channel TRT-Avaz.

In 2013-2017, Mavile Mametova was invited to the Crimean Tatar folklore ensemble "Kyrym". Over the years, she has carried out several choreographic programs, performed in fifteen cities of Turkey, as well as in Poland, Tatarstan and Russia.

In 2018, she started a family, moved to the Turkish city of Eskisehir, where she continues to engage in creative activities.