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About author

The artist is a master of fine and decorative-applied arts.

He was born in the village of Kochkor-Ata (Kyrgyzstan) on October 22, 1982. The Abibullayev family returned to Crimea in 1996. From early childhood, Arsen was engaged in creative activities and loved to draw.

Education and creativity

Arsen Abibullayev obtained a higher education in art. In 2007 he graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University. He studied sculpture and received qualifications as an artist and master of fine and decorative-applied arts.

Participation in exhibitions:

  • 2004 - V Biennale of chamber watercolors of Crimea (3rd degree diploma).
  • 2005 - Art project "Open your door" in association with Goethe Institute, Simferopol.
  • 2006 - International triennale of student works, Marmara University in Istanbul.
  • 2013 - All-Crimean art exhibition "Artists - representatives of the deported peoples", Simferopol.
  • 2017 - Art exposition "About the topical", Simferopol.
  • 2017 - Exhibition of paintings, graphics and sculptures of contemporary Crimean artists, Simferopol.
  • 2020 - SimfArtFair project, Simferopol.
  • 2020 - Exhibition of Crimean Artists, Simferopol.
  • 2020 - XIII Biennale of chamber watercolors of Crimea, Simferopol.


Since 2013, Arsen Abibullayev has been a member of the Association of Crimean Tatar Artists.

In 2014, he started working with metal and became interested in this area. The artist began to create decorative artistic iron products, which aroused the admiration and interest of those around him.

Arsen Abibullayev shares his impression: "I create my works with love and humor, that is why each product has its own charm and appeal."

It takes a lot of time to make each item, starting with a sketch. Many products are mobile and can be used as lighting fixtures. Some works have a dynamic component. The master regularly works with graphics and watercolors. He gets inspiration from walks in his native Crimea, observing nature and ancient architecture.

Artist's works