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About author

Self-taught artist. Born in 1982 in Fergana (Uzbekistan).

In 1991 she moved to Crimea with her family.

"Living Crimea" has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

With genuine pleasure, she intuitively studied the basics of painting by herself.

Until the age of 20, she painted with gouache, and after that, she began to master the oil. The "teachers" of the naturally-gifted artist were nature and sensations, and the first connoisseurs were relatives who supported and inspired her.

Education and creativity

Lemara dreamed of becoming an interior designer and an architect, but after finishing school, she entered the Economic Faculty of Ternopil Academy of National Economy due to circumstances. Having completed her studies successfully, she improved her professional skills on computer design courses.

The first oil painting - "Autumn Salgir" - was painted on silk covered with acrylic paint.

The artist’s inspiration and teachers were Nuri Yakubov’s paintings, Asan Barash’s deep philosophy, Ramazan Useinov’s power of the sound of colors, as well as Sergei Korabelnikov’s and graphic artist Zarema Trasinova’s soulful works.

In her works, Lemara Amzaeva depicts her native Crimea’s beauty, color, and unique architecture and tries to trace the past and present of her native land.

“Nature is something that behaves without falsehood; it is a silent witness of what Crimean Tatars experienced. Houses with old tiles, wells that have survived to this day are fraught with the life of our ancestors. I really want to see Crimean Tatars living freely in their homeland so that our children and grandchildren do not see oppression and confidently build their lives. For me, painting is my life, it is like a healing drink. I thank the Almighty for the opportunity to share with everyone something that encourages, inspires and gives us hope for tomorrow, ”- this is how the amateur artist expresses her thoughts.