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About artist

Elzara Seydametova was born in 1993 in the city of Dzhankoy.

The parents of the future artist have always supported and developed her love for art. Elzara took her first steps in painting together with her teacher Valentina Solovieva.

Elzara began her professional art career in 2016, after studying at Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University and graduating with a Master's degree in Decorative and Applied Art.

Natalya Zolotukhina, the scientific advisor and wonderful teacher, provided great assistance in developing the young artist, who did not only instill a love for decorative painting, but also taught various techniques of this art.

“Love for the Motherland and my national culture is the foundation of my work. This can be seen in the plot composition, architecture, color symbolism, depicted details and images, and sometimes in the characters of the heroes and the mood of the paintings. The main element in the works is color; there is often a color scheme, and only then the composition itself,” says Elzara Seydametova about her pictures.

In addition to painting and graphics, the young master is engaged in digital illustration, and she creates images with a Crimean Tatar flavor.

Despite her youth, the artist has already taken part in various Crimean exhibitions, and she also participated in the international symposium of ethnographic art "Turanian World" (2015).

Participation in exhibitions

- Competition "Podium-2014", 1st prize in the nomination Art-design "Muse", 2014.

- International art symposium on contemporary art "Rites and customs", 2017.

- International competition of artists "75 years from the past to the present", Turkey, Ankara, 2019.

- Project "Stolen Crimea. The history of deportation", Kyiv, 2019.

- Youth forum of creative workshops "ART-WORKSHOP XXI"

- Fairs of contemporary art Simf Art Fair in Simferopol, 2020.

- Personal exhibition in the ethnographic center Odun bazaar qapusy, Evpatoria, 2016