Biography - Ayse Dere



  1. Early years, childhood
  2. Creativity and work
  3. Author works

Early years, childhood

Ayse Dere was born on January 13, 1998, in Crimea. As a child, she studied music and fine arts. In her youth, Ayse was taught painting and drawing by Igor Taran. From 2015 to 2019, she received an education from one of the Crimean universities majoring in decorative-applied arts and folk crafts.

Creativity and work

Over the past years, the artist has taken part in more than 50 exhibitions in Crimea, in Kazan. She participated in a plein air symposium held within the art-exhibition project "CO-CREATION".

The types and genres of fine arts in which Ayse Dere works are decorative painting, abstract impressionism, symbolism. In the graphics she uses ink, feather, coffee grounds. Hot enamel, engobes, ceramics, and glass synthesis are used in stained glass windows in the tiffany and fusing styles. The author's works are always beautiful in their freshness and novelty, and the completeness of the style gives them a classic touch. One of the artist's important credos is to convey the idea of the joy of creativity to the viewer.

Some thoughts of Ayse Dere:

"When small "scraps" of images remain in my imagination, I create miniature landscapes from them."

"The artist's creations reflect his/her genes no less than the artist him/herself."

Author works

1. Palace of the Emir of Bukhara
2. Lighthouse in Feo
3. Massandra
4. Dulber
5. Minaret
6. In sweet smoke
7. Atmosphere portrait
8. Arcadia
9. Stamboli
10. Glare
11. 7 Fridays
12. Midnight Kazan
13. Clear my light
14. Surb-Khach monastery
15. Drunken still life
16. Jared Leto
17. The world unwinds inside of me. Time dali
18. Warm houses
19. Old Crimea
20. Old Tatar Sloboda
21. The main figure
22. Gurzuf