Biography - Rustem Skibin



  1. Early years, childhood
  2. Process of embroidery
  3. Professional creative activity
  4. Author’s works

Early years, childhood

Rustem Skibin, a member of the Association of Crimean Tatar Artists, was born in 1976 in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

In 1996 he graduated from Samarkand School of Arts with a qualification of an artist-teacher. In 1996 he returned to his homeland in Crimea. From 1996 to 2000, he worked as a chief artist at the ceramic enterprise Tavrika in Simferopol. Using the ornaments of the Crimean Tatar embroidery, collected and deciphered by the artist and art historian Mamut Churlu, Rustem Skibin created his own style of polychrome painting of ceramic products, which contains the best features of the traditional culture of the Crimean Tatars.

Creativity and work

The artist has perfectly mastered the method of creating new variants of ancient ornamental structures. His works’ patterns carry powerful positive energy inherent in the main program of being - the continuation of life on earth. The master has created a series of unique dishes with exquisite calligraphic compositions. He actively collects, analyzes, restores technologies for making various forms of traditional household pottery, studies and restores professional vocabulary. Besides the main product of ornamented dishes and plates, he makes ceramic lamps, fountains, musical instruments, decorative panels.

His works are popular far beyond Crimea. Rustem Skibin taught art lessons at Bakhchisarai children's ceramic studio "Cholmekchiler" (translated from the Crimean Tatar language as "potters"). In the village of Akropolis, Simferopol region, he created an art studio "El-Cheber" (translated from the Crimean Tatar language "the country of masters"), in which he brought up such masters as Ayder Abibulaev and Asiye Mushurova. The master is an active participant of regional, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions. Rustem remains a devoted participant in seminars and exhibitions of the "Crimean Style" project, a member of the creative association "Chatyr-Dag" (named after a mountain in Crimea). A candidate member of the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine.

Author works

1. Decorative panels
2. Decorative dishes (plates)
3. Bowls
4. Interior design