Biography - Eldar Gusenov



  1. About the master
  2. Contribution to culture and the artist's work in museums

About the master

Potter, ornamental artist, designer.

Head of the creative workshop "SANAT".

A member of "The Association of Crimean Tatar Artists" and the creative association "Chatyr-dag".

In 2008 he graduated with a degree in Design. Industrial graphics.

Gusenov created a number of logos and corporate styles in various directions.

Under the guidance of talented masters Abdul Seit-Ametov and Rustem Skibin, he mastered the art of pottery as well as the richness of forms and language of Crimean Tatar ornaments. On the basis of these two components, he created the author's style of engraving on the surface of ceramic products.

Eldar's ceramic works are characterized by impeccable execution, harmony and proportionality of forms as well as the use of traditional and author's compositions that are complex in structure and comprehensive in meaning.

Contribution to culture and the artist's work in museums

Gusenov is a participant of more than 60 regional and international exhibitions, symposia, numerous seminars, master classes of the project "Crimean Style".

Eldar Gusenov's works have been exhibited in many museums in Crimea, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, at international festivals and fairs in Iran, Germany, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan as well as in the Cultural Center of the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris.

The author's artworks are kept in the largest museums in Crimea, Ukraine and Russia,as well as in private collections in France, Uzbekistan, Iran, Great Britain, Turkey, USA, Italy, Canada and Poland.

In 2017, Eldar won a prize at the international festival of traditional arts and crafts in Tabriz (Iran), and in 2019 – at the international festival of arts and crafts in Baku.

Potter’s works