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About craftwoman

Gulfera Seytnuman was born in the city of Samarkand (Uzbekistan) in 1975.

From early childhood, Gulfera was engaged in art, painted and did handicrafts.

During her school years, she participated in various art competitions and did painting.

In 1990, the girl graduated from a music school, accordion class.

After finishing secondary school, she began working at a knitwear factory in an experimental workshop and entered Samarkand Economic College, where she received the qualification of an economist.

In 1996, together with her family, Gulfera returned to Crimea. Like the entire Crimean Tatar people, the family experienced certain difficulties with adaptation to the new conditions of life; fortunately, creative work distracted the artist from everyday life and problems.

In 2017, Gulfera learned about the recruitment for the Crimean Tatar embroidery course. Thanks to the teachers Venera Kurmaeva and Khalida Kipchakova, the artist found a new hobby and profession.

“After the first lesson, I realized that I had found myself. Creating my first works, I felt true freedom. After my day job, I embroider. With every touch of an embroidery or a brush, a new life begins. I really like to work on small pouches (bags for tobacco) and fezzes (woman's headdresses). In the ornament, I put my wishes of well-being and happiness for the owners of my products,” the craftswoman says about her work.

Currently, Gulfera lives and works in the city of Simferopol.

“I sincerely believe that the Crimean Tatar people will devote more time to their national culture and art. I want every house to be decorated with the works of Crimean masters, so that artistic work is appreciated and actively used in everyday life,” Gulfera Seytnuman shares her dreams.

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