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About artist

Edie Yagly was born in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1987.

In childhood, parents instilled in her a love for art: together they attended exhibitions, theaters, museums, classical concerts of world artists. Edie received a musical education; she also attended dancing and drawing classes. The girl was extremely interested in the history of art, she took part in school concerts and performances with pleasure. The artist recalls: “There have always been magnificent catalogs, albums and books with works by world and local artists at home, which I loved to look at and study for a long time, drawing inspiration from their works.”

In 2011, Edie graduated from Moscow Institute of Humanities and Economics with a degree in international law. Having worked in the field of metallurgy, logistics, textiles and tourism for a long time, the girl finally decided to engage in her main and favorite work - creative work. In 2019 Edie entered the Institute of Arts and Design at the department of Theater and Scenery Painting.

In 2021 the artist took part in one of the projects initiated by Bonumfactum gallery with the assistance of the Swiss bureau called Pop-art “Urban”, where installations and paintings were presented. This project has spread throughout the city with art works seen on all kinds of billboards, banners, subways, cafes. Edie Yagly plans to participate in international exhibition projects. The artist is full of ideas and realizes them with pleasure and inspiration.

“The topic of Crimea has always been relevant for our family, and as long as I can remember, we have been moving all our lives. But despite numerous attempts, due to various circumstances, the move to Crimea did not happen. Crimea has always been an integral part of my life, and every year we try to visit, as we miss our native places and loved ones very much. Crimea is the land of our ancestors, which is the heart of every Crimean Tatar! In our family, we never forgot and always told the story of our people, our family. The tragedy that scattered us all over the world, deprived many people of their lives, including the artistic intelligentsia, deprived of the opportunity to live and create peacefully on our land, will never be forgotten! " - the artist shares her thoughts about the Motherland.

About artist