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About artist

Lyuman Seidametov was born in Simferopol in 1998. At the age of 10, he got interested in the animation of characters from children's magazines. It was during this period that he found a hobby for life.

As a child, he attended classes of fine art.

In 2015 he entered the Faculty of Architecture at the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, where he studied for a year. There, he learned the fundamentals of academic drawing.

Lyuman Seidametov is an amateur artist.

Since 2016, the artist has been a student at Osmangazi University in Eskisehir (Turkey), the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

Lyuman Seidametov shares his thoughts about his work: “I dream of establishing my style to the end, I still need to work a lot, hone my technique and complicate the forms. I enjoy what I do, I like to play with the form and the human body in drawings. I like to create unusual shapes, curves, develop a concept, plant a thought. I like that a person finds their own meaning in my paintings and stops to look at them. My dream is that my work will be seen by people from all over the world. Earning a living by doing what I love is the goal that I want to achieve."

Crimean Tatar culture does not leave the artist indifferent. He shares his impressions: “Crimean Tatar culture is amazing. It is so rich for such a small nation. I would like Crimean Tatar cultural agents to move towards the West and make our culture an active participant in the world’s global culture. Crimea occupies a very important place in my life. Being far from my homeland, I seem to love it even more. I love my Crimean Tatar people very much, and I miss 'my' people ”.

Lyuman Seidametov works in the style of conceptual abstractionism. Currently, he lives in Bodrum, Turkey.

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