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Museum DEVLET SARAY is one of the ASTEM FOUNDATION projects, created to popularize the history and culture of the indigenous people of Crimea - Crimean Tatars.

The name of the museum comes from the name of the first Palace of the Crimean Khans, which embodied the greatness of the Crimean Tatar state, its military power and active stance in Western European politics.

The purpose of museums in the modern world is not limited to the demonstration and storage of exhibits. In our case, the museum is a visual embodiment of the national memory of the people who, due to historical events and territorial affiliation, have come a long way from complex ethnogenesis, creation of statehood, prosperity and greatness, tragic destinies and exile, to return and rebirth in the native land.

Information about the heritage of past eras, the history of the Crimean Tatar nation, its material and spiritual culture, creative personalities, artists and masters of folk applied art can be found in five sections, galleries and the DEVLET SARAY MUSEUM library.

Here you can get to know the unique works of the Crimean masters of painting, pottery and jewelry art, admire the Crimean Tatar national ornament in the works of embroideresses, tinsmiths, weavers, woodcarvers, felt masters and other works of folk artists.

Also, we present to your attention the best examples of folklore performed by the masters of vocal and choreographic art as well as the works of modern Crimean Tatar composers.

The unique collections of national material culture gathered by connoisseurs of Crimean antiquity, the creativity of national clothes designers, as well as national architecture and interior presented in the museum will complement your idea of the unique culture that originated in Crimea.

The works of historians, researchers and scientists can be found in the History section, as well as in the website’s library, where literature of various genres is presented.

To maximize user satisfaction, we have created an effective and dynamic website and would like it to become a source of knowledge about Crimea and a means of disseminating this knowledge. Therefore, any user of the site will be able not only to receive the information of interest, but also to become a participant in the project, replenishing the library funds with new publications. We will also be happy to hear your suggestions about the materials you would like to get familiar with in the future.